Lewis Moberly has challenged the beer category norm by redefining the drinking experience and commodity perception, giving beer and brewer the credit they deserve. Beer is too often drunk at pace without much thought or appreciation. Sourglass from the Fitzwood Brewery creates a new appreciation for beer craft, flavour and drinking ritual.

The unique bottle structure, secondary frame, and the name itself is inspired by the traditional hourglass. The bespoke glass bottle inverts on the outer oak frame to serve and pour a perfect measure of beer. It mirrors the brewery’s overarching purpose, to encourage drinkers to take time to experience the sights and flavours the beer releases.




Sour Glass is designed to be savoured from the moment it’s poured, to the very last sip. At 7.5% ABV, the premium sour beer requires time and consideration to discern its unusual mix of subtle and aromatic flavours.

“Our love of craft and storytelling is evident in each element of the Sourglass design. The bottle structure is inspired by the hourglass profile made using 100% recycled glass. The outer frame structure is sustainably sourced from used oak casks in which the beer is aged. This acts as a protective case, a cradle platform for the inverted bottle, and as a centrepiece for serving. The refillable bottle has a custom closure, made from re-purposed copper from the brewery, that delivers a slow-release pour.”


“The Make a Mark initiative has given us an opportunity to push our creativity. Sourglass reads as an ambigram in opposite vertical positions to represent sand passing through an hourglass. The base label takes inspiration from sun dials. Both evoke the concept of time. The letters on the accompanying glassware settle at the bottom, providing a sense of completeness. The foil colours allude to the subtle and nuanced flavours of the beer as do the tactile and contrasting textures. Finally, a secondary canister brings The Great Beer Flood to life with detailed illustration full of visual humour.”

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