The challenge – to create a brand world and global design for the world’s no.1 liqueur brand in its quest for renewed femininity. This much-loved product also needed to be distanced from its low energy, ‘after dinner,’ and seasonal role to an ‘anytime, anywhere’ up-tempo brand.





The restaged Baileys logo has refined lettering, a more elegant arch and deeper colour. A new landscape has been painted in a layered vibrant palette.





Quality perception is raised dramatically. The bottle shape emerges taller, slimmer and more elegant and fits in the fridge. The ‘double B,’ a sleeping equity originally modelled in the glass, has become a gleaming dimensional brand icon, underscoring Baileys’ Celtic provenance and resonating as a luxury brand mark.

Sold at a substantial premium, the limited-edition Stephen Webster bottle translates his glittering, jewelled armband onto the bottle, raising premium perception of the brand, stimulating PR and creating a social media buzz in Russia.

Our sensual, playful Rococo illustrative style takes the Baileys brand to a new level for the launch of a premium Belgian chocolate variant. French descriptor, Chocolat Luxe, adds sophistication and evokes a luxurious experience. The ‘double B’ icon takes pride of place on the shoulder of the elegant black bottle linking Baileys Original Irish Cream to its new premium sister.


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