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Nettle is a premium plant-based products brand much loved by high-end restaurants and food connoisseurs.


The products are the brainchild of Sam Jackson and Nina-Rose Hubbard who pride themselves in striking the right balance between scientific precision and artisanal crafting to achieve high-quality plant-based alternatives.




The new brand identity articulates the artisanal nature of the range and builds mass-premium appeal as well as facilitating cross-category expansion in the future.

“Our products are all about exciting, bold flavours but without the key ingredients so many of us now look to cut back on or avoid altogether. However, the range is also loved as a portfolio of unique, premium, stand-alone products.  Lewis Moberly has been fundamental in helping us to communicate our complex message and broaden our appeal to the growing number of discerning consumers who are looking to make positive food choices without the inferior taste experience.”

Nina-Rose Hubbard, Co-Founder
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