A quintessential British brand with a distinguished place in history.
Since 1770 Weatherbys has been the pinnacle of the horse racing and
breeding world. A new marque celebrates longevity with the
reflected glory of 18th century-style thoroughbreds



Create a new identity which reflects the
standing of the pinnacle of racing. Since 1770,
the thoroughbred Breeding Register has
been in their safe hands and seamless
organisation of a quintessentially
British company, Weatherbys.


How to portray their story in a more symbolic,
contemporary style. The new logo presents
the tree as a strong unifying element; two
sheltering horses reflect their impeccable
heritage with a nod to 18th century styling.
A vibrant green reinforces Weatherbys
natural world – a brand for today.
Weatherby’s Private Banking is a tactile
and elegant identity, with a polished and
neutral palette.

“This is an enduring British brand with a distinguished place in history.
In need of contemporary relevance and timeless expression, the identity is
quietly confident and engaged with its audience.”

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