The ritual of packaging
is the beginning of a relationship.
One layer reveals another, a journey of discovery
for the restaging of Tropic Skincare.



To be hired! Then to deliver to owners
Lord Sugar and Susan Ma, his protégé
and finalist of the BBC Apprentice 2011.
An exacting, demanding brief to redesign
Susan’s skincare range to be more distinctive, engaging and contemporary for staff, ambassadors and consumers alike.
The brand experience is a personal
one to one, making ritual and reveal
important for pacing and pleasure.


A spontaneous, vibrantly coloured illustration
is inspired by the foliage, fruits and nuts of
the nutritious, rich, tropical ingredients
central to the product formulations.
The secondary packaging wraps replace
cartons creating ritual and discovery,
and reducing the amount of material
used by 75%.

Sales have leapt by 45% since launch,
making Tropic a contender for the

2016 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards.


“Working with an award-winning design agency, we have refreshed and refined our brand.
Our skincare products now come wrapped in a stunning hand–illustrated design.
I’m so thrilled to be introducing our gorgeous collection with a design
that will take us into the future of Tropic.”

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