A marque poised for perfection for the premier dance academy.



Prix de Lausanne is the Swiss-based
international dance academy for young
dancers  who are not yet professionals.
The brief was to redesign the identity,
creating an iconic and contemporary logo
which would inspire dancers, sponsors
and dance aficionados.


The new logo expresses spirited dance
movement, leaving sufficient room for
personal interpretation: A delicate abstract
figure of a dancer rests lightly above the
Prix de Lausanne logotype. Vibrant blue
contrasts with restrained grey to capture both
the energy and the poise of dance.

“The new logo of the Prix de Lausanne
is a significant improvement in our
communication: The elegance and the
originality of its shape and the way it implies
movement completely matches the image
we wish to convey to our public. The colour
chosen poetically recalls fluidity, which is the
essence of ballet.  We are more than happy
with the result of LM’s work.”

Patricia Leroy, Secretary General, Prix de Lausanne