Creativity starts from a young age,
to encourage it a brand must both charm and inspire.
Enter Le Petit Artiste, bringing bags of personality
to this range of children’s creative products.



How to get relisted, restaged and win back
the hearts of the French. Breathing new
life into a dying brand – a disparate,
confusing and generic range of children’s
creative products.

To rekindle latent affection to the brand,
give confidence to less creative parents
regarding product safety and useage,
and convey educational value all while
injecting some fun.


Unifying the sub-brand with its mother
brand, the logotype is playfully signed off
in charming, children’s handwriting.
Yet, the star of the show is ‘Elbé’ – 
‘Le Petit Artiste’.

Irreverent in style, Le Petit Artiste interacts
with products making the packaging
engaging and dynamic. Each pack illustrates
a new narrative, demonstrating product use
and experience. Information is placed succinctly
and conveniently in the top right corner,
giving clarity and confidence to consumers.